Plan Features

Get the motion you deserve without having to break the bank. You focus on making those hits, while we focus on building your fanbase.

  • Targeted Advertising

    100% targeted promotion for over 150 countries. Our artificial intelligence platform will find the people who truly relate to your music and brand, allowing you to build a true fanbase organically.

  • Long Term Results

    When your taking your music serious, you have to lock in, this means investing in yourself over time to grow a sustainable following. Your monthly listener’s and playlists build over time. No fake streams or clout-chasing, just real marketing month after month!

  • Industry BTS

    Get exclusive invites to A&R and record label executive discussions and video sessions. Live Q&A’s, and access to more resources as we release them.

  • Instagram AutoPilot

    Get automatic engagement for new posts on your Instagram page. When you make new posts, our ai system will automatically go to work to get you more views and likes on posts.

  • Monthly Reports

    Get reports that show your progress & growth every month. You will be able to see your streams, fans, and social media profiles grow over time.

  • Playlists (Algorithmic)

    We use the same platforms and methods as Sony Music Group, Universal, Warner, Disney, and many more major brands. Our results are guaranteed for Pro members so you know you bout to get it poppin!!!

How It Works?

We leverage our relationships and access to major label platforms/resources to help you elevate your music to the right audience.

Select Your Plan

Pick the plan that works best for your budget & the goals you want to achieve.

Discovery & Planning

After you have purchased your plan, a member from our team will contact you to learn about your music & goals.

Strategy Execution

You sit back and make dope music, while we put your brand building, and fan growth on auto-pilot.


Our CEO Zy Da Shadow is actively working in the music business with artists signed to management under his Shadow Work Ent (SWE) label that has an independent distribution deal through well known major label. AWAL 👉 (Owned By Sony Music Group) “I have been traveling my own path as an independent music label owner, so I’ve learned a lot through interaction with major & indie artist, industry execs, publishers, and distributors. I created this service to help other aspiring artist get a fair shot at growing their audience the right way without having to have spend crazy amounts of money pursuing their dreams…..” – Zy Da Shadow

We Already Did The Research

Our team has already invested our own money into finding the best methods to naturally promote your music.

Building Legacy

Our approach to marketing is designed from the perspective of building long term success. We don’t use any fake bots or shady tactics. Doing that can get you banned and now fined based on Spotify’s new rules.

Chase The Check - Not Clout

We are uniquely positioned team with resources in many places, those that we work with have the goal of investing in order to get the long term check. Working with our company over time, will help ensure you actually make money off your music!!!

Artificial Intelligence Marketing

How do we leverage the use of AI to bring you the best results?

Smart Targeting: AI uses data about Spotify listeners interests and the artist they like.

Algorithmic Playlists: Once Spotify sees the right type of engagement, it will start to add you to algorithmic playlists which are playlist automatically made by Spotify that they suggest to users on the app.

Targeting Options: Pick the locations you want to grow your fans. This is really good if your trying to become popular in your own city so you can have enough fans to do shows.

Audience Hacking: Ai targets music listeners that listen to artist similar to you, this allows you to gain fans faster because they already listen to that style of music.

Smarter Campaigns: Our Ai is always tracking the activity of the users who interact with your music. This allows it to make better decisions and get smarter at reaching people more likely to become your fan.


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Plan Options

Take a look at our monthly plans & get started today by clicking subscribe. If you need a custom campaign, reach out to us via chat or phone.

****After you pay, you will be redirected to a page to collect your Spotify link & Artist info**** By placing an order, you are agreeing to receive sms text messages about your order.

OM-Y Instagram Gold


  • 500 to 1000 views on every IG post
  • 100 to 200 Likes on every IG post
  • 30 Posts per month promoted
  • Our system auto detects & promotes
  • Increase explore page visibility

OM-Y Spotify Pro


  • Instagram Gold Included
  • Spotify Starter Included
  • 30 Day Campaign
  • Build Monthly Listeners (leads to higher royalties)
  • Trigger Algorithmic playlists (leads to more placements)
  • Boost Spotify Popularity Score


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