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OM-Y Creative Music Marketing is owned and operated by a group of record label A&R's, brand CEO's, and music industry insiders looking to help propel the next generation of talent to higher levels of success. We believe every aspiring artist should be able to focus on building their fanbase/brand and less time trying to figure out how to get results on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. Learn more about our services below, and get started today!

We use the same platforms as major artist, labels, and publishers for our custom campaigns.

If you are an upcoming or established artist looking to build a legitimate and “real” fanbase we recommend getting a consultation and building a custom campaign. Only our custom campaigns give you access to major record label marketing platforms that leverage targeted AI ad technology to build real fanbases. Click HERE to try it for FREE! For those who need to get quick boosts asap, use the services below.

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